Monday, May 4, 2009




Finally back in my home city of Melbourne.
Missing being overseas but very glad to have a cuddle from the bf, see the friends and family.

Fiasco at the airport. Standing there waiting for my goods to come through and me and this other young guy end up being the last ones there. My luggage didn't make my connecting flight, brilliant... Ha. Luckily I overpacked (read had around 15kg) of handheld luggage so it didn't really feel like I was missing out on showing things to parents.

So... leaving Australia with 15ish kg... I came back with a giant suitcase (27kg, though I had 34kg initially I had to leave stuff back in Shanghai), a backpack that weighed around 10kg, a supermarket recycle bag that weighed around 5kg and a cabin sized rolley suitcase that weighed around 15kg. I do believe I overbought things.

I'm really liking home:
LAUNDRY :) yay

Will post pics soon :)

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