Wednesday, May 6, 2009


First day heading back to uni (even though I'm a graduate) but I got to see all my uni friends. I was so excited. Ever since I was little I always got along with people younger than me. Must be the immaturity in me. Last year I developed some great friendships with some fresh kids who were 2007 high school graduates and to tell you the truth they're a lot more mature than some of my friends from my year level.

Weather: Absolutely perky, sun shining warm enough to get away with wearing less
Feeling: Anxious - being able to see people I haven't seen in AGES

- Purple stirrups
- Black t-bar flats
- Grey tee with a girl holding her face and a cute red bow detail
- Grey denim looking material skirt dress (has straps like a dress) with a bow detail at the front
- Cream web scarf (surprisingly warm)
- Navy cropped blazer with gold gold buttons :)

At night I got reacquainted with my high school/now friendship group. After a bit of a hiatus (my holiday and then some time due to final year of studies) we laughed and dined at our favourite usual place and caught up on all times. Again I had overdressed, but I wore the same outfit but chucked on a Cue navy wool coat and changed my purple stirrups for fleece lined black ones.

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