Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Project 1: Peter Pan Collar

I have a huge obsession with Peter Pan collars.
After seeing it on some items last year I was hooked.
On my holiday I saw the most amazing Mango sundress but the colours weren't right. *sigh*
On a brighter note, in Elle UK I found this:

PPQ dress: (asos + Lily Allen)

[credit: asos]

PPQ is a London based brand. I'm loving it! It has some amazing things. The store is based in Mayfair and sounds pretty awesome. Apparently it has "oyster and grey" checkered walls like in Alice in Wonderland! Yes... that dress above does remind me of AiW!!!!

I love the front of it, I'm going to try and make a black collar onto this dress:

Will let you know how I do :)


  1. how did you get the pictures (peter pan collar) to sit next to each other? i want to know how to do that!

  2. Would love to see the results! I love this dress on Lilly - isn't her style transformation amazing! she has gone from bogan to babe!

  3. Bucca, lily does t so well doesn't she. I used to dislike her but her new album makes me appreciate her :)
    (Give me a week and you'll see results)

    A, it's good coding :P nah just make sure you having hit the enter button between the two img src tags. blogger considers enter in the html as a break line