Sunday, June 14, 2009


So 2008 was last year and it was kind of ace.

I settled down with the boy <3
I was treasurer of my uni student body
I was finishing my final year of uni doing a course I absolutely adore.
I also turned 21 and had a 80's prom party themed birthday :) Which was heaps of fun.
It was also the year I was to travel abroad for 5 months without family.

Completely splendid.
But this post is actually about some special presents I received...
Ever since I was old enough to know what Chanel was I was dying to own something before I turned 21. Given the prices of these goddamn things (sorry Coco) it was a bit of a crazy dream.

My parents gave me the opportunity to go to Hong Kong at the end of 2007 to get something done for them and I bought this then:

[ Chanel black classic med/large flap in caviar ]

Guess this was a little self-21st present right?

My lovely parentals then gave me this for my 21st:

[ Hermes H bracelet aka Clic Clac ]

Just before I left for overseas I bought this as a celebratory "I've graduated" present I bought myself this:

[ Chanel black lambskin timeless clutch ]

Don't get me wrong I'm not well off at all. My parents have worked so hard all their life to support me (educationally and basic living) but after so many years of studying so hard to get where I am (essentially nowhere at this stage lol) I thought I'd treat myself.

PS. 2008 wasn't all that happy throughout the whole year. Dramas also included having an accident in lab that resulted me being in emergency, having to organise some super events for uni, losing someone close to me and finals stress with my lab mini-thesis.

Hope everyone else had good 2008's :)

in and out
x delilah

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