Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Does it offend you yeah?

Actually this offends me a lot:

Art vs Science - Parlez-vous francais?
- it makes me want to stab my ears repeatedly when it comes on Triple J. And yes I could change the station but the station is actually good!

Now I'm all for people speaking the language and trying to speak the language, but *beep* don't release a song for other people to buy with a horrible accent like that. Gosh, I didn't even sound that bad when I was in primary school and learning the language. I'm not horrible at French but my accent isn't 100% francais either, but I'd at least get the sounds right before putting it on the radio.

Hate hate this song.

delilah (preparing to get shot)


  1. Anonymous10 June, 2009



    Honte à eux!

  2. lol i think the songs ok. it's funny. but i'm biased bc i like their flippers song :)