Monday, June 8, 2009

If I could turn back time

My beautiful mummy and my hilarious father.
My dad is the biggest poser, I love looking at old photos of him and his "stare away from the camera into the distance poses". He's so funny. My mummy thrives, still, to be young and basically shops at the same places as me. But that said Sportsgirl is a haven for necessities!

I love this photo of them.
Mainly because I adore my mum's dress... but it made me think, turn those ankle socks into bobby ones with lace around the ankle and she'd fit right in.

The bag reminds me so much of the Mimco Spliced Duffle bag that both A and G have (ptfk love!) and it looks like she has white Rayban Wayfarers (big yes mummy except I want the black and white ones!). The dress I adore, feels very vintage... but I guess by now it IS vintage. Reminds me a dress from Karen Walker's The Believers collection. (Couldn't find an actual pic of the spliced duffle bag, but this is another Mimco cocoonish bag)

Oh mother, you should have kept that dress for me!

in and out
x. delilah

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  1. ha! mimco spliced duffle bag is the first thing that came to mind when i glanced at your mum's bag!