Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Less than happy with Astro-store.

A follow up from this post here

I bought the dress from the above post last week off ebay. Not expecting that much as the item was handmade/hand sewn but when you're selling your stuff online as part of a store you expect some form of QUALITY CONTROL.

Clearly quality control and customer satisfaction is not high priority for Astro-store.
I emailed them saying I was disappointed with the quality of the dress and they basically told me to shove it and that that was only MY opinion and a refund was completely out of the question.

When you're telling me the ONLY flaw is the button hole I'm actually expecting that to be the only flaw. Unfortunately the hemming and the general sewing of the item was appealing. Photo evidence below:

Is anyone else shocked by the quality of the item? Especially the bottom photos, they've obviously realised there was a cut in the material which is why it is a lighter colour from the rest of the dress. Dodgy.

This is their response to the situation:

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. The seams are sewn as folded in, that's one of
the ways to overhand. You can send the dress back and I'll recheck and
repair the part you mentioned (at the end of sleeves and dress hem that
is), however a refund's unavailable under this circumstances.

Hi, once again I'm really sorry to hear this. Our refund policy's been
really strict as online trading is significantly different from normal
shopping. We try our best to take as many pictures as we can in order to
show the actual item, and based on your case, the specific dissatisfaction
(stitchs on sleeves&dress hem) can be easily fixed, but if it was simply
because you did not like the item or the item was not like what you
expected, a refund is not acceptable.
If the dress was easily fixed why didn't they do it before sending it out to me? Of course I can fix it myself but why would I want to pay 50 for a dress with such horrible quality. Tutt tutt. Methinks. I find it really silly that I have to send the item back, pay for postage and possibly postage back out to me for a dress that was meant to be in "gread" condition with only one "flaw"

Opinions girls? Am I overreacting? Or should I expect better customer service


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  1. Okay you're not over-reacting at all. How different is online trading from normal shopping?! It is no different and their false advertising is a violation of Ebay's terms and conditions. There is no way you should have to pay for postage to fix their mistake.

    I think they should offer to fix it free of charge and send you money for postage OR a full refund. Otherwise report, report, report. A-holes.