Monday, August 17, 2009

Indiana by Freda sale

While very hung over and feeling really bad D and I went to the Indiana sale on Saturday in East Brunswick. Was a bitch of a horrid getting there from Brighton but it was lovely under the sun. We didn't really mean to get anything other for a perusal. We ended up spending $200 all together.

Wish I picked this up:

* it was only $70, half price RRP
* D picked it up though yay!

* red 12cm stacked t bars for $40

Will upload the pic of the top soon.
x delilah


  1. omg i can't believe i missed this! i'm lusting after those tbars so badly :P

    *stumbled across your blog through vogue

  2. hi amie!
    the sale itself wasn't thatttt good. we kinda just got lucky. there was heaps of stock though in terms of the clothes. these shoes were the only pair there.