Monday, August 17, 2009

Outfit of the day!

Went for lunch with my dad who is so funny and then went to Spotlight and Lincraft so I can do some sewing today yay!

- red homemade tartan skirt with navy blue trimming
- black opaques
- asos brogues
- grey slouchy tee
- alpha60 pleat scarf

These shoes are from Asos. Scooter actually have them in stock at the moment as part of their new collection... selling for a ridiculous 120 AUD. I'm so glad I picked up the white ones for only 7 pounds and the black ones for 12 pounds. Asos forever. For those who want them: LINK

Don't get sucked in by paying 120 for a pair of shoes you can get for much much cheaper. They're exactly the same, same manufacturer I bet.

x delilah

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