Friday, January 29, 2010

the iPad, will you or won't you?

So Apple have once again launched something revolutionary. And yes, I actually do believe this is innovative. Yes e-books such as the Amazon Kindle have been around for a while, but this takes things to another level. It's not exactly a tablet computer, it's not just a e-book, it's not just a "computer". I find it captivating.

Right before the iPad was released I was very close to buying a Kindle but now I'm glad I didn't. Let's break it down. The Kindle DX is a 9.7" screen similar to the iPad, if you're looking for a e-book only, definitely go for the Kindle. It's $489 USD. But for $10 more, I can get a computer not just an e-book with the same screen size. I was mainly looking to get something that I can read pdf's off, with the massive number of journals I read a year this would be perfect for me. Apple technology means I can flick and zoom the pages of my papers.

I'm sold....

What are you guys thinking?

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