Thursday, February 11, 2010

obsessed with wedge booties!

Hey girls,

Anyone else obsessed with wedge boots atm? It's been popular overseas for a while but it's only JUST started happening here in Australia. I picked up my first pair in Japan in Zara and I'm been on the prowl for more ever since. My second pair is from Marcs (of all places? It's a bit prissy for wedge boots right?) and are buckle up ones. They remind me of the surface2air and the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony ones. *lusttt*

1. Zara suede wedge boots

2. Marcs buckle up wedge boots

Sorry about the crap quality pics, had to use my mobile. I drained the battery on my leica :(
Sportsgirl just brought in some camel coloured ones which are practically identical the Zara ones just with a different gum sole. Luckily I'm not a fan of the colour! I am however completely obsessed with these Windsor Smith ones, they kind of look like this:

- like these.
- the windsor smith have ones with silver studs, gold studs and no studs.
- i'm lusting over the no stud plain black ones
- i managed to try on a pair today and they're so soft and comfy!

ps. crazy melbourne weather right? i had to cover a leak in the house, dang old houses...

x delilah

ETA: found a pic of the windsor smith ones!

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