Monday, May 3, 2010

goodbyes are the hardest thing...

I'm quite the teary little girl at the moment.
Three of my close friends are leaving for overseas, two indefinitely.
Indefinitely is a scary scary word.

I'm glad that I've shared many happy memories with these girls!

- asos back ruffled wiggle dress
- ksubi net cropped l/s top
- funkis clogs
- black opaques
- lola perfume ring as a ring
- bvlgari specs
- red red face from too much kronenburg
- ysl rouge volupte # 19 on les levres.

On another note:


  1. I love your specs Miss!! I want I want!!

    I have a very similar pair from Gorman (ala shoes) They are so hot right now, like you!

    We should have another meet. But who to organise.. Hmmmm.

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