Friday, April 24, 2009


Oops I did it again...
- just to let you know I think I punched someone once for singing this song in either primary or high school (I swear I'm not that violent just a strong adversion to Britney... that's a lie... I'm a die hard fan)

Being in Shanghai and feeling the NEED the shop to pass time is really sad... My aunties actually think I have a good knack for it but in reality... I just buy what I think looks good.

Over the last week I've been doing a fair bit of shopping.
Managed to pick up:

Metallic leather (yes not pleather. it's so soft) jazz shoes. 169 yuan

Two dresses from BCBG on sale (70% off yay). 249 yuan for both

Tee #1 from show+tell. 149 yuan
(in Xu Jia Hui, great shop with good basics for cheap... one size only though!)

Tee #2 from Di Mei. 110 yuan

Pussy bow shirt from Di Mei. 130 yuan

Belt from Di Mei. 80 yuan
yes this is actually on the expensive side IMO...
but my obsession with Korea meant I couldn't stop myself.
The store keeper was also really nice... *blush*

Also picked up a lovely tie dye-ish print tee shirt with embroidery from i.t on Nan Jing Xi Lu (Nanjing West Rd). I really prefer this store to all the over ones I've been to as it actually stores good brands... *love*, like assin in Melbourne.

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