Friday, April 24, 2009

Where to Shop: Shanghai

If you're into the whole no brand thing, this blog entry is for you.
I'm getting very sick of shopping in Shanghai where the clothes are expensive and from brands where you can find anywhere in the world. ie. Ralph Lauren, Lacoste etc etc.

Lately (since discovering them) I've been shopping at Di Mei and Yi Mei located near People's Square and Jing An Metro stations respectively.

If anyone has been to Hong Kong the types of clothes are very similar to the little boutiquey stores in Mong Kok and Prince Edward; my cousin has 3 shops in Prince Edward selling Japanese style clothes, can hand out addresses if anyone is interested.

The stores consist of hosiery stalls, small boutiques selling clothing from either Chinese factories or Korean imports, shoe boutiques and lots and lots of young girls.

Other fabulous random brand stores can be found along Xinle Rd, Changle Rd and Jinxian Rd all within walking distance from the infamous Huaihai Rd. (Closer to the South ShaanXi metro station; Xinle Rd is parallel to Huaihai Rd and it's all walking distance from there)

For wholesale shopping, Nathan Rd in Hong Kong and Qi Pu Rd here in Shanghai are the places to go. Qi Pu Rd is more accomodating to buying single pieces... where in Hong Kong they expect you to buy several pieces. Don't bother bargaining in Hong Kong, it's more like a proper business place in the wholesale stores. Bargain like hell for the right price in Qi Pu Rd.

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