Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The One Hundred - Part 2

The One Hundred - A Guide to The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own
By Nina Garcia
(available from Amazon.com and Borders)

[found this from a fellow blogger C, thought it was really cute... apparently the book isn't so fab]

51. Luggage. - well... after carrying a breaking 70L pack on my back I really appreciate having a rolly suitcase haha
52. Mad Money. - quick money? yes please!
53. Man's White Shirt. - love it, reminds me of Nicole Kidman? for some reason... maybe because of her ex
54. Mary Jane's. - I used to steal a pair of my friend's plain black ones. They were fabulous. Must get me a pair soon!
55. Minnetonka Moccasin. - no. I love Rachel Bilson and her style. But no!
56. Missoni Knit. - yes please. always been a fan some people should be wearing this style.
59. Nail Polish. - chipped please! OPI only.
60. Old Concert T shirt - I have a few band tees lying around. oh my punk days...
61. One piece swimsuit. - have a gorgeous cut out Zimmermann one I picked up for 40AUD, amazing!
62. Pajamas. - nah a plain oversized tee does it for me.
63. Peacoat. - love the cut can't pull it off
64. Pearl Necklace. - yay! love pearls. I've claimed my mother's strand of perfectly rounded pearls.
65. Pencil Skirt. - essential.
66. Perfume. - Mademoiselle in a twist and spray bottle only
67. Plain white tee. - essential. plently needed.
68. Polo Shirt. - not for me. reminds me of my teenhood. *shudders*
69. Pucci. - adore. Nicole Richie revived this for me.
70. Push up bra. - essential
71. Quality champagne. - overrated. I've had 600 AUD champagne before and I really didn't appreciate it.
72. Red Lipstick. - essential.
73. Robe. - essential for at home use!
74. Safari Jacket. - no
75. Sandals. - of course.
76. Sarong. - for travelling it doubles as a towel
77. Signet Ring. - you know what I saw one today and loved it. so I'm going with yes
79. Slippers. - mmm I hate excess things on my feet.
80. Spanx.- Are those the suction undies... i say yes
81. Statement Necklace. - yes yes yes. gosh I need to recall that brand from Colette that had the most amazing statement necklace
82. Stilettos. - no I hate strappy heels
83. Striped sailor shirt. - yes :) I love sailor.
84. Suit. - mmm I look shit in them but I guess they're necessary.
85. Sunhat. - hehe I have hats now!
86. Trench. - yes Burberry please
87. Turquoise and coral jewellery. - I love the colours, but would never wear it myself
88. Tuxedo jacket. - yes hot. tailcoat :)
89. Umbrella. - I have the perfect yellow one with little girls on it hehe
90. Underwear. - essential?
91. Valid passport. - essential.. especially when you have the travel bug lke me.
92. Vans. - yes. on men. and some girls...
93. Vintage. - I love the uniqueness of a vintage dress. None of this someone else has it bull.
94. Watch. - big faces and round only please!
95. Wayfarers. - yess!!! and the half black/white ones are amazing
96. Wellington Boots. - I wish they were more popular here... and I guess they are now, saw them in Kmart.
97. Wide Leg - Only if high waisted
98. Wrap Dress. - DVF!
99. Yoga Gear. - leggings and a loose tee
100. Zippered Hoodie. - American Apparel

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