Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The One Hundred - Part 1

The One Hundred - A Guide to The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own
By Nina Garcia
(available from Amazon.com and Borders)

[found this from a fellow blogger C, thought it was really cute... apparently the book isn't so fab]

1. A Line Dress. - yet to find a fitted one, would not really suit my tummy
2. Animal print. - mmm.. minimalistically yes... think steven sprouse leopard for LV
3. Ankle Bootie. - have a great tan vintage pair that I picked up for 10AUD. <3 savers
4. Aviators. - cannot pull them off for the life of me. don't really like them on girls either... hot hot hot on men
5. Ballet flats. - yes please. these are my everyday shoes. i buy very cheap ones as i kill them after a week. current ones are a soft "leather" Target snakeskin pair
6. Bangles. - of course! Hermes enamel bangles ftw
7. Belts. - not a huge fan... the Fendi one that I'm seeing everywhere from the latest campaign is growing on me though.
8. Bikini. - still searching for the perfect pair.
9. Blackberry. - okay... don't shoot me but BB pwns iPhone
10. Black opaque tights. - yes! perfect pair seems to be ones that I stole from a friend (who had left them at my house... forever) can't ask her where she got them from otherwise she'll know won't she? :o
11. Blazer. - I love tweed blazers as well as bf blazers... just aqcuired a double-breasted bf blazer
12. Boyfriend cardigan. - my favourite cardigan is an oversized grey marle wool cardigan which many moths have eaten into. thrifted for $2 AUD
13. Brooch. - I am partial to these. Especially the Chanel ones and more recently the Vivienne Westwood ones
14. Cable Knit Sweaters. - Ralph Lauren, reminds Cath-la
15. Caftan. - for some reason Megan Gale in a DJ campaign comes to mind.
16. Camel Coat. - Very 20's... mmm.. pass. I'd look washed out
17. Cape. - LOVE this look. Getting one made on Thursday. Dark navy hooded with two pockets... Also own a grey hooded one. Perfect!
18. Cashmere sweater. - Reminds me of Mongolia... why didn't I get one then? *bangshead*
19. Charm bracelet. - Thomas Sabo all the way. I have one and all the charms are from the different countries I have visited. Will post.
20. Clutch. - Chanel lambskin timeless clutch. yes. that's right sir.
21. Cocktail ring. - Love the sugar plum thingys from T&Co
22. Converse. - love black ones. have white ones and a painted pair
23. Cosmetics bag. - made a navy oriental influenced print one and quilted it :)
24. Cowboy Boots. - looks good if ur a cowboy.
25. Cuff. - love plain ones... plain gold. plain silver. wide please
26. Denim Jacket. - nope. never. ew. argh.
27. Diamond Studs. - yet to acquire only just got my ears pierced this time last year... mmm only had two pairs of earrings before i left overseas hahah
28. Driving Shoe. - yeah called the shoes i'm wearing... why do i need specific shoes?
29. Espadrilles. - yeah... i dunno. still undecided. love them on latino women with the whole look going on
30. Evening Gown. - can't do the whole evening gown thing. not mature enough for this yet.
31. Exotic - gimme eelskin items but no to croc/gator
32. Fishnets. - with the seam at the back please... ;-)
33. Frye Harness Boot. - i don't want to know.
34. Fur. - mmm looks so good on the Russians... *sigh*
35. Gentleman's Hat. - bowler please
36. Gloves. - YES! karl makes them look so hot. Chanel lambskin ones *drool* my vintage tan driving gloves will have to do for now
37. Havaianas. - of course, how can be Australian without a pair.
38. Hobo Bag. - mmm not really a big fan only own one... a Mimco velvet deep red floral one (yes I love velvet haha)
39. Hoop Earrings. - YUK
40. Investment bag. - Chanel medium/large classic flap with gold hardware. OWN. Working on the Hermes Constance in an exotic leather... and then onto the Birkin
41. iPod. - necessity. want a new one already
42. Jeans. - Cheap Monday's please. Or someone make Gasp rerelease their old denim so I can turn those fugly black flares into skinny legs again. (perfect pair)
43. Jewellery Pouches. - mmm.. my old T&Co pouch seems to be holding a lot... as is my Rayban sunnies case hehe
44. Khakis. - NO!
45. Knee boots. - over the knee.. hot...
46. Leather pants. - Clem pulls these off oh-so-well... not for my thunders...
47. Lingerie. - mmm... don't ask the girl who'se been living off 3 pairs of undies and two bras for the last 5 months.
48. Little Black Dress. - Argh. It seems impossible to find one. I don't own one single LBD...
49. Little White Dress. - Yeah... this grub can not pull that off
50. L.L. Bean Tote. - No. Thanks. WTF is that?

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