Monday, April 20, 2009

Missing home!

The more I stay here the more I am influenced by Japanese, Chinese or Asian fashion(naturally). However I really miss finding pieces of clothing that I would jump at back home.

The cute thing (ie. that bunny tee - see previous post) can only last so long with me before I'm slapping on my black jeans and a plain AA tee. Simple? Of course. Colourless? Well duh, I'm a Melbournian...

That said I can never find the perfect BLACK dress. Been searching everywhere to wear to my graduation... even searching in high high end designer places but nothing that tickles my fancy... Along the way however I have been able to find some other AUSTRALIAN! gems:

Sass and Bide small wonders cape

Romance Was Born velvet snow angel dress

Antipodium dream lover dress

Also loving the new Elke Kramer silk print scarves! Yet to find a good pic of them to show you guys but it feels very galactical! (can be found at Alice Euphemia for Melb gals)

All of the other pieces can be picked up from (pictures also credited to the lovely girls there :))

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