Sunday, April 19, 2009


After all the places I have been to only one country has been completely awful.
Being in this country gave me the biggest culture shock and continues to baffle me...

On a happier note I'd like to mention all the things I appreciate about a country, the things they do to make people feel more welcome or make us feel like "this is where I want to retire" haha.
- being proud of one's country and WILLING to show it off to the rest of the world
- having amazing people who might not speak the same language as you but are still willing to help
- having great food (especially for me as a fatty!)
- having people who aren't always trying to rip you off... of course every tourist city has financial gain to think about but when they blantantly try and rip you off... big grrr
- places that are accepting of different nationalities and people.

Chipchop tees and tote bags - Alice Euphemia

From the wise words of an American friend...
"Say konichiwa again and I'll slap you"

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