Sunday, April 19, 2009

good morning my children!


Sorry for the hiatus.
Had a bit of a holiday chez my auntie's...
Luckily it wasn't that far... just in Puxi, but it did mean I got more done!
(She has a car yay!)

So in the past five days I:
- got a suit set made in a shiny black "wool" blend. skirt with a nice jacket tailored to my size yays only 400yuan
- had hot pot and spag bol (fave two things to eat)
- shopped at YiMei at underneath JingAn metro station (picked up a skirt and a tee... kicking myself for not being able to go to Korea... only ended up shopping at the Korean stores anyway *sulk*)
- picked up MORE stockings... coming to a total of 12 pairs since I got here.
- picked up a necklace from in box - one that I had been eying on Etsy for ages!

[Envelope necklace from a Korean designer]

[Small Collection of headbands I've found.]
The purple one is exactly the same as an Alannah Hill one I own...
but paid 7 times as much for

[New skirt, tee and one of my floral scarves!]

I really love my new stockings... ranging between 8-25 yuan a pair (for the ones I bought) I'm so happy, I spend a lot lot more in Australia. Managed to pick up a thick fleece lined pair that I found in Beijing but wore to death around the world! They are stirrup ones and seriously perfect for winter to wear with dresses etc. (Will post pics when my camera charges!)

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