Friday, April 24, 2009


Third Friday in Shanghai...
Another week another set of dramas.
Today I realised not everyone is out to get me. I'm actually not hating on China this week which is a first since I spend the first two complaining heaps to T. Poor boy, having to put up with an extra dose of my whinging.

Third Friday in China actually means I'm one week closer to home. Yes.. as of tomorrow I only have 6 more days in Shanghai and I'll be heading back home to Melbourne. Yay English! It will be so strange to speak the language all the time with everyone after a hiatus of a month. Once I get back home I'll give you all the low down of my travels and even show you some photos :-). Oh and there are thousands... sadly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY (for next week *blush*)!

This week I've been shopping, shopping and shopping. Hence the long HLWIBH post... What I haven't shown you yet is the small accessories and stuff I picked up at the computer/camera markets. I have a big big obsession with electronics; I used to think htmling was fun. I used my myspace only as an avenue to redo my page and learn more codes. NERD ALERT!

So in light of my Nerd Herdness, this TGIF entry will be on the electronic haunts of Shanghai:
1. Luban Rd (metro line 4.)
Photography mall. Lower floor for
cameras and as you go up more film and accessories available. Lomo isn't cheap
here but is definitely more affordable than at the Lomography store on Jinxian
Rd. Film can be cheap if you bargain and buy in bulk :-)
2. Xu Jia Hui (metro line 1.)
This shopping area contains around 3 building with
computer goods. Bargain hard. They double/triple the prices for foreigners. Also
be wary to legit/fake goods. If the price sounds too good tell them you want the
"zenban"/real product/non-fake goods.
3. Xiangyang Rd + Fuxing Rd intersection
Fake fake fake goods galore. Random electronic goods
downstairs and as you go up mobile phones. Don't expect real things, they even
have fake mobiles; stick a N0KIA label on and ur good to go.
4. Shanghai Railway Station
I've been told that there is another photography mall
and another fake electronic goods store here as well.

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