Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where to Shop: Shanghai (wholesale)

This is completely dedicated to wholesale items!
Luckily in China wholesale actually means open to public unlike Hong Kong who prefer to deal with business clientele.

Destination 1:
Commodities Market - near Yu Yuan Gardens (think Fangbang Rd and surroundings - will get proper addresses on Thursday :) - ETA on Fuyou Rd)
Around this area you can find dirt dirt cheap stuff. Mainly arts and crafts goods, some toys, just random stuff you might want for around the house. Kitchen supplies, jewerlly bits and bobs and also underwear... there seems to be heaps of underwear around there. There's around 3 main buldings. Two of which are at least 3 levels tall. One of the markets has arts and crafty things on the ground floor (or level 1 as the Chinese call it) and the 2nd level has Chinese medicine. Walk around the area a bit more and you'll find a 4 level building chocablock full of people and also a mixture of the above mentioned things. Prices are dirty cheap, to the point where you don't even feel the need to haggle (though still possible if you want it cheaper). From what I've seen cross-stitch goods are the cheapest here compared to all the other places I've shopped at :)
Destination 2:
Qipu Rd
- corner of Qipu Rd and Central Henan Rd
If you like clothes, boys girls alike, please head to Qipu Road. Most of the stock from the Yi Mei and Di Mei are picked up from here (if they're not, they're from overseas). The prices are dirt dirt cheap. Expect to pay around 40 yuan for a tee you'd normal pay around 100-150 yuan for, dresses for 50-100 yuan you'd pay up to 250-500 for. Unfortunately the stockings didn't seem that cheap. There is also a floor just dedicated to children wear. The higher you go the better quality the stock (or so it seems). Bring a big canvas shopping bag, they'll probably give you a better deal if they think you're a stockist. Haggle. Whatever price they give you, half it. Divide by 3 or 4 if you have to. Don't forget to check level B1... the things there/prices there surprised me.

It's refreshing to find these places as it reminds me that China is still a land of (bargains) oppurtunities!

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