Friday, April 10, 2009

Thank God it's Friday!


It's the time of the week where I'd like to think a lot has been accomplished.
The time of the week where we can reflect on what has happened.

This is what I've learnt:

1. Paris CDG airport is the place to abuse me: I have now been abused TWICE at
this airport, once by a family man for being "disrespectful" when he cut
in line, and more recently at T1 for moving my trolley back to it's original
position after some lady touched my things and moved it. *sigh* I never knew I
was so unlucky with airports

2. Maths and Delilah do NOT mix.
After being told that Doha, Qatar offer some great deals on makeup etc, I
decided to stock up on some things. Was told that there are 3.5ish Qatar dollars
to 1 American dollar... so I figured to divide the Qatar amount by 3.5 and then
calculated it COMPLETELY wrong... so the three pack Clinque moisturizer
was NOT 50AUD... it was closer to 100... smart one Delilah!

3. S was completely right about working for Emirates, there are some completely disgusting people and disrespectful men out there;
learnt this from my Qatar airlines flight.

4. Don't give way in China. The grannies don't care. In fact, they are the ones running for seats. Even if there isn't a seat, they're running anyway... Heaven forbid what would happen if you didn't get on the metro train. One is never going to win in China if you give into the niceties that we are used to in a civilised country. (was that too harsh?)

5. Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring (horrible guide, don't bother) gives a lovely outline of each country in Europe with some quick statistical information as well as "what this country is famous for"... although we did not visit the country, Albania is apparently famous for PEOPLE WHO STARE. Well all I have to say is that there sure all a hell of a lot of ALBANIANS in Shanghai. (I even got my hair cut like the Chinese, blunt fringe of course, to try and fit in... but never the less they still stare.)

6. Shanghainese women are not thought of very fondly. Whether it's because we are... golddiggers, whiny, bitchy, harsh, too expectant of things... these comments actually hurt. Despite only being affiliated due to my birth here in this city, I still find it quite offensive. But of course, we put on some tougher skin and move on... (I mean I get called these things even as an Australian... haha)

Well I think that's enough thoughts of the week. Will hit you guys later
on my outfit of the day.


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