Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hey... leave us kids alone!

In a world that is struggling so hard with obesity and appearance issues I think it's a bit rich that tabloids/certain internet bloggers call some teens fat. In essence what is "fat" now-a-days? Looking a little different in photos. Putting on weight to the point of being obese. Having a tummy from eating too much. Being so large that you're unhealthy. Drinking too much to have a beer gut (hehe). It's all so arbitrary.

I just think when it comes to teens, the media should lay off.

Now someone please explain to me how Miley Cyrus is fat, she's 16 years old. She's still a teen and with hormones "raging" per say. I was on the plane watching her on her Hannah Montana show (so good by the way, gosh I'm a sucker for kids shows), and was thinking how skinny she was back then. I'm glad to see her growing into her body. But why oh why does the media need to attack her for it? Didn't most teenage girls (and boys) go through a stage of being a little chubbier when they were around that age? I know I "blossomed".
So you know what Miley, GOOD ON YOU FOR FIGHTING BACK! Who cares if they slam you more for standing up for something/yourself. The fact that you do stand up for yourself shows your a lot more comfortable with yourself than others might be :-)

And why is it that the media has to put such a negative take on people who stand up for themselves? I remember Lily Allen used to make (still does? anyone confirm I deleted myspace) meaningful/truthful blog entries about how she was feeling whether it be ecstatic or depressed. Perez Hilton famously slagged her numerously and still does, for being who she is, what she is. I know it's all about ratings at times, but how often does a celebrity these days connect with their fans anymore if anything they do is just branded so negatively? Luckily Lily Allen did fight back, only to be shut down by Mr. Hilton... thus an ongoing cat and mouse chase.

Anyway. I'm starting to rant.
I'm just glad Miley at age 16 is able to see that she is NOT fat, that she will not become anorexic or have appearance issues just based on some media claims. I think that's a far lot mature minded than a 16 year old should have to deal with!

(And yes, being in the limelight one should set themselves up for some form of scrutiny but when will it honestly end?)

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