Sunday, May 24, 2009

Home Decoration Ideas

Have lots of photos like me but too many to stick on your walls?
Try something like this:

[Photo credit: Andreamosaic]

This is an ingenious idea by I'm guessing a lady called Andrea. You can download her program: Andreamosaic for free and it basically takes all the pictures you have/want included and places them in an arrangement of a photo of choice. Above, Andreamosaic has chosen Van Gogh's Starry Night. Isn't it cool?

I've always been intrigued by this program but unfortunately Andreamosaic is only for PC's. Linux and Mac users need programs such as Parallel and Wine to get this going (Windows emulators).

For those (like me) who couldn't care less about having Windows on my beautiful Mac I've found a solution! Meet: MacOSaiX! Same concept, not sure if the program layout itself is similar as I've never used Andreamosaic but the end result is the same :)

[Photo credit: MacOSaiX]

Rejoice! Both PC and Mac users can make pretty mosaics of their photos.
I'm still trying to get my mosaic going of my travels, will update when I find one.

Note. The end result mosaic is said to be very large, up to 1.5gigs. Please ensure you have the memory/RAM and hard drive space to let the program run
(My Mac can't handle it anymore... nor can it handle Photoshop haha)

Both are FREE programs :)
Andreamosaic download: HERE
MacOSaiX download: HERE

Once you've got the mosaic done, take it to a photo place and get it put on some canvas and hang it up in you're room :) PRETTY!

Happy Mosaic-ing :)
In and out
x. Delilah

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