Monday, May 25, 2009


Today was pretty horrible. Had to go and get money from the government, step 1. I'm so unmotivated to do so. Finding a job can't be THAT difficult right?

There's a few I'm actually interested in, and funnily enough they're in retail. Despite swearing off retail I think I'm weaning myself back into it. Something about little kids and arts and crafts totally has me tickled pink.

I'd just like to give props to another blogger, kittentails. She has this fabulous idea to reinvite the whole writing letters to each other thing. Here's the blog entry. I might sign myself up, would love a pen friend. I had one in France in primary school (I went to a bilingual primary school, we spoke French for half the day, no I am not fluent but yes I am more confident in speaking it when I'm tipsy... as seen in Bordeaux haha) but it didn't really work out for us haha. Maybe you can join up too? Maybe we'll end up being pen friends?

[From the contemporary arts museum, Kiasma, in Helsinki, Finland.
Taken with a 1988 Lomo LCA+]

in and out
x. delilah

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