Saturday, May 9, 2009


So honestly what is it?

I can't remember where but somewhere along my travels I picked up a magazine with people telling what luxury meant to them. To me luxury is the feeling of having something or doing something that not everyone else has/can do.

Materialistically, for me, luxury comes in the form of bags and accessories.
Le mien?
My Chanel med/large classic flap in caviar and GHW
My Chanel lambskin timeless clutch
My second-hand and oh-so-cheap LV pouchette
My LV pomme d'amour MM agenda
My Hermes clic clac
My Hermes kelly double tour

After a 21st I attended last night, I started to feel like family is becoming a luxury rather than a necessity. The 21st I was at was of a friend I've had since primary school. Her family is very large, full of cousins and aunties and uncles. The kind of family I'd always been envious of. My parents have always been at work when I'm free. Or they'll be free when I'm studying. I've never really spent good quality time with my parents in a long time. This is why I'm really looking forward to my holiday with mummy. We're going to JAPAN at the end of October together for two weeks. Hopefully by the end of it, I'll be one step closer to having the luxury of family.

[On another note I got henna'ed last night lol]

For the record, pomme d'amour means toffee apple or candy apple :) So cute.

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