Monday, May 11, 2009

Burberry what?

Sorry I used to hate this brand for it's bags.
The checks, the colours, the vomit.
Some might think the nova check is a classic but then again there are people who love the Louis Vuitton monogram print... both are debatable.
My honest opinion of the Burberry check is the same as the monogram. Overdone. Overseen. Faked by too many. I love a hint of the check in items (ie their trench coats... die for one) but who needs it all over. It makes me want to hurl.

But of late, they're getting it very very right. Firstly with all the studded new style bags. Now with the awesome cluthes. These are my favourite:

Cartridge Pleat Clutch

Metallic Woven Leather Clutch

Leather Feather Clutch

(And the beautiful

(I have NOTHING bad to say about their clothes. Burberry Prorsum always seems to get it right, right?)

All photos credited to the design houses' homepages: and

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