Saturday, June 13, 2009

Demain... Melbourne finds.

Tomorrow is the annual Melbourne Design Market underneath Fed Square where the cars usually park. The event is annual and showcases Melbourne design talent in the forms of recycled products, furniture, jewelry, quirky things such as notebooks, kitchenware and I believe clothes as well :)

We went last year and despite the horrible weather there was some amazing things. One thing I loved was the recyclable Christmas tree. I am still in awe that Dad spent so much on a PLASTIC Christmas tree. The recyclable tree was made from cardboard and collapsable and the innovation was just great. There were branches just like a normal tree for decorating. :) With a green coat of paint it will fit right in in the Myer Christmas displays/windows hehe!

Another reason I am ecstatic about tomorrow is the fact that it's Sunday. Every Sunday, underneath the Arts Center along the walk towards Southbank there is an arts and crafts market. There are some great things; HEAT/WHEAT BAGS which are my winter essentials. I've been making my own and adding some coconut oil perfume. My favourite thing though are these:

in and out
x delilah


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