Thursday, June 11, 2009

Money money money...

First purchase to be made when I get my paycheck :)

Reiss Radvanyi Print Dress
[photo credit: violent green]

I love his stuff, saw it ages ago in Fat but could never afford it.
His prints are amazing *sigh*. I've never seen a print he's made that I've disliked.

I also found this which I'm loving:

Ellery Phoenix Jacket

Why is it that I'm obsessed with most things that are named Phoenix.
First it was the Tsubi/Ksubi Phoenix Suns. Then it was the Lover Phoenix check shirt (though the dress is lovely too) and now this. And lets not mention the band; too bad I can't afford tickets.

* Oscar de la Renta Carribean Phoenix kaftan
* Rachel Gilbert Phoenix studded leather jacket
* Stella McCartney Zebra-print wool clutch
* Alexander McQueen Pelle Leather Sandal

in and out
x delilah

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