Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feathered Vest

I first saw one on M from Maximillia with her Elizabeth and James plume vest. M is so incredibly beautiful and has amazing girly style. When I talk about people not taking risks in fashion she is not one of them. Her outfits are extravagant, over-the-top and completely beautiful. I wish I had half the confidence she does. She wears an outfit such as below in such a casual manner!

When I first saw the vest I didn't think it was really my style to be honest but after seeing the Sonia Rykiel one I feel in LOVE with the concept! I'll find a picture, it was from a Elle (France) editorial and it looks so hot on the model. She completely sold it for me.

Anyway this Polyvore is dedicated to the Sonia Rykiel feather vest :)

* Lover leather skirt
* Sonia Rykiel plume vest
* Herve Leger dress (as a top in this outfit)
* Alexander Wang pumps
* Cupcake bag, a la Lily from SATC

from a smitten delilah,

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  1. Anonymous29 June, 2009

    I'm so flattered Delilah, your blog is gorgeous :) xox