Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Howling Winds

OOTD - from two days ago haha!!!

It's horrible outside right now. I really don't want to step out of the house, but I have to go sign a contract for my new job. *sigh* I've already made my display picture on facebook me at the beach. Oh how one may dream.

* Black Voodoo 120 totally opaques
(FYI, these aren't as good as everyone made
them out to be. I'm so disappointed *sigh*)

* Lover white Natalia blouse
* Weekday black high waisted quilted mini
(same designers as Cheap Monday)
* My lovely handsewn/handmade red reversible hooded cape
I keep ragging on about, apologies I love it!

I really need to stop talking about this god damn red cape but I honestly love love love it to bits. Mainly because I got to design it exactly how I wanted it and mainly because it's wool :o It helps that it's reversible too but I haven't actually worn the tartan side out yet. It's a bit too striking for day time methinks.

in and out
x delilah


  1. I love this SO much! Can I borrow your idea?? Well steal it?? I think it's awesome - especially that it's reversible too!!!

  2. hey kimmy
    sure thing :)
    it's the most perfect thing (fashionally speaking)
    The wool itself is actually reversible which is why the tailor had to handstitch it.
    I made him fix the pockets, luckily I hadn't actually made him do proper ones and that their fake - would have been a lot harder.

    are you going to get it made too?