Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Another friendly message from delilah.

I just came home from the Eastern Freeway and there was a bit of a horrific accident. No car rolling over the others or anything but there were two cars who had rammed into each other pretty badly, to the point where one car looked like it was on top of the other one...

I honestly hope no one was hurt, it made traffic crawl as the police and fire brigade tried to clean the mess up. (I didn't see any ambo's around though)

For those to who and are in Melbourne right now be wary of the slippery roads!
And for those who drive and get angry at innocent bicyclists *shake fists!*, you should appreciate that some people are trying to do the environment some good.

* pour les gens qui ne peuvent pas lire francais:
- it's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything
but it can save your life!
- jacket and triangle will become compulsory in each car
equip yours from now on

how is this for you amanda?
omg it's as horrible as tHiS KiNd oF SpEaK