Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here's another post...
I'm literally obsessed with the man.
I'm quite excited to get my hands on Influence by the Olsen twins (birthday present, yet to receive) just to read stuff that Mr Lagerfield has written. *sigh*

Anyway he once said that real photography is getting pushed aside for this Photoshop/photo-editing bullshit and I completely agree. Though Photoshop is great for some things, airbrushing has now become a necessity in most editorials and nothing feels REAL anymore. It's probably the main reason I play with film cameras or rarely use Photoshop to edit my digital photographs... I'd rather keep it raw.

Anyway here are some editorial pics he did for the Chanel Paris-Moscou campaign.
Love the lighting, makes everything feel very dramatic and IMO very Russian.

in and out
x. delilah

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  1. lol will give you the book the next time i see you x