Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kilts and Frills

Jonathan Saunders

I stumbled across this Scotsman when I was perusing Outnet (net-a-porter's sale site). I found this gorgeous dress and a similarly lovely skirt. (My eyes also got caught by this gorgeous Rick Owen skirt but it was sold out)

For those who can't see properly in the pictures (don't worry I can't really see either), there are buttons and loop holes on different levels/lengths of the dress and skirt. From what I remember seeing, you can either wear the two pieces long or buttoned up as shown in the pictures.

Ingenious idea if you ask me, especially if you're going from day to night!
But what it really got me wondering was this:
Is this where Sass and Bide got their inspiration for their current season Dark Horse dress?

Either way I had a look at Jonathan Saunders' other things and his current collection is amazing. Full of bright colours, great girly yet rigid cuts and great fabrics!
And the colourways he's adopted... it's no wonder he began as a textile print designer!

My favourite pieces:

Photo Credits:
Jonathan Saunders

in and out
x. delilah

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