Monday, June 1, 2009

OOTD #15

I absolutely love having Sunday family dinners, but my family is never at home.
So I had to the boy's neighbours house and they always have a lovely something going on.

Last night we had lamb shanks with the perfect potato mash. She used the most amazing potatoes which had a full creamy flavour (and no she didn't add cream... her potato guy from Prahran markets told her about this amazing potato)

A few weeks before A and I were intending on having Lucky Coq but were invited over to their place for dinner instead. Lamb roast and roast vegetables trumps Lucky Coq any day *sigh* Needless to say we were both very pleased.


* Silver Valleygirl dress, frilled and sleeveless
* Country Road grey marle turtle neck
* Grey marle wool leggings
* Grey/Black/White checked hooded cape
with baby pink polka dots
* Black ankle boots, pointy toe
* Cream rasta beanie from FAT
* Prada specs

Golly. It was cold last night.
I've been making wheat bags to keep me warm :)

x. delilah

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