Thursday, June 4, 2009

OOTD #16

Took my family friend formal dress shopping today.

As much as I love Forever New, their dresses are stunning and everything but everytime I think of the quality I feel a little uneasy. I get it for the price you won't expect great quality but honestly Sportsgirl is around 25-50 dollars more and the quality far surpasses that of FN. Of course, Sportsgirl don't do the same designs but they show that quality clothing can be produced in mass for an okay/moderate price.
(But then again they have a BEAUTIFUL cobalt blue boyfriend blazer in an amazing flowy material atm but it's not lined and still over 150 AUD.)

Anyway outfit:

* Home-made green paisley dress
(a la American Apparel le sac dress)
* CR black seamless tank
* AA grey marle backless leotard
* Ambra duo tights, grey/black
* Chanel black classic flap (not shown)
* Jazz shoes (not shown)

in and out kiddies
x delilah

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