Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OOTD #21

* American Apparel Deep V tee
Voodoo 120 totally opaques
Weekday aubergine bandage skirt
S&B Small Wonders caplet

Buy the tees at American Apparel. Despite the pornographic photos/advertising, I love the stuff there. The red cape I posted about a while back, these tees and the sac dress I made a version of... I just love that place. The other day I found a receipt were A and I racked up $300 USD worth of things to get shipped over here... oh dear.

On another note:

Little Hurricano iPhone/iTouch Case - cupcake

in and out
x. delilah


  1. is this taken with your dslr r you leica? my camera is shithouse.

  2. i do all my ootd shots with my d60.
    but it died while i was taking ootd#22... so i used my leica for the hlwibh.