Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OOTD #23

Aloha all,

I went out to the misery that is Melbourne for dinner today. The weather was so horrid. It started off as sunshine (when I woke up around 11ish) but why 4ish I think it had started to rain a fair bit. Not so cool when you've left you're spanking yellow brolly at home.
(A will beg to differ she hates the brolly)
I love longer sleeved dresses, I just wore a 3/4 sleeve dress with a wool cardi and it kept me warm... despite the reported 100km/h winds.. :o

* Navy and white polka dot mini 3/4 sleeve dress
* Ambra duo tights (purple/black)
* Alpha60 pleat scarf
* Thick black elasticated belt with gold rose buckle
* Black Turban

I love the turban. I'm getting so much use from my hats this season.
I wore my Charlie Chaplin like hat on Monday for Lucky Coq lunch.
Loveeeee my hats instead of scarves this winter. Strange


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