Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Valerie Tolosa Online Sale!

Valerie Tolosa Angela Bell-sleeved Dress.

I didn't get this at her sale but it's one of the only VT pieces I have.
I love love love her atm.
She has some amazing velvet pieces and yes I am a broken record and will repeat that I love velvet.
This is from her new collection:

More to the point of this blog, the lovely Valerie is having 50-80% all of her previous season's stock. Email in requests for sizes/prices. Photos/collections up at valerietolosa. I've emailed her previously and she replies within a day or two and is really friendly :) Email requests to valerie@valerietolosa.com

I hope you guys find something you love. I'm waiting to find the velvet leotard.


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