Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hello All!

Sorry for the hiatus. The weekend brings out either the best or worst of me.
This weekend was definitely the worst.
Went out with the boy and his friends to a club on Friday and had a bit too much to drink. I'm so sad cos I lost one of my headbands *sigh* Saturday we had a birthday and then had to leave early (so tired!). I slept til midday today and just rested in bed til 1pm.

Went to Coles and they had some super good chocolate sales. 2 packs of timtams for $4. and $1.80 blocks of Lindt chocolate. That is even cheaper than Europe!!!

We used two of the blocks to make a FILLING of a chocolate tart today. It's so rich *yummm*

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Anyway I'll leave you with this:

[ MK & A Olsen. That Chloe orange dress is so hot *sigh* ]

from an overfed delilah

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  1. Those chocolate tarts look so decadent! I stocked up on the Lindt chocolate from Coles too - so cheap!

    Sorry to hear about your lost headband!