Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swarovski Ring

I just stumbled across this ring from's "item of the week".

It's a 65 USD Swarovski ring... though it reminds me heaps of my Dior ring (I have this ring in silver, bought it for a bargain 125 AUD, 50% off, from the Gold Coast when I was there with my parents)

* Swarovski ring

* Dior ring

I love my Dior ring because it jingles slightly as I move my hand. It's so cute. The brown blobs on the gold ring are actually pearls on the silver one. Kawaii!

Anyway I think I still like this: Dior Oui ring. G's always loved the Oui range and I only recently became smitten by it.

* Engagement ring anyone???

Ringed out

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