Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was looking through my old facebook photos of me and gosh there are some horrid ones.
I did find a few I love:

This year, March 2009 in Cannes, France

November 2008, Monash Parkville Pharmacy Ball...
Something me and the rest of the committee organised. It was Las Vegas themed and we had gambling tables, amazing centerpieces and can-can dancers. Amazing night

Another ball that a friend organised earlier in 2008.
This is my friend A, she is amazingly cute. I love the photo because I miss old Alice McCall things like from her Party collection. The new stuff really doesn't cut it.

From my birthday in 2007.
With A in Trampoline. I miss my young days.

I bought these when I was in year 10 and hadn't worn them for years. Well at all.
They sat in my cupboards for a while until two summers ago.
I decided to turn them into cut offs as they were a perfect mid/high waist.
Yay Levi cutoffs!

x delilah

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  1. see my fringe there? that's also another horrible disaster. I HATE GETTING MY FRINGE CUT. NEVER AGAIN. still growing my shitty one now. fuck FUCK.

    p.s. i love old alice mccall too. want to go to the sale on friday? see what's there ...