Monday, August 3, 2009

Asos Crazy....

I only went slightly crazy....

Asos patent brogues
(black AND white)

Asos black flared high waisted shorts

Asos pink facinator

Cheap Monday shiny black skinnys

Asos tie up booties

The brogues were 7 pounds for the white, 12 for the black, the shorts were 7 pounds, the facinator 5 pounds... the jeans were only 25. Bargains methinks :)

x delilah


  1. suzy - i went a bit crazier! i got them in all 3 colours on top of the black midas ones i already own. i purchased the same shorts as well, among other thing.. such bargains!

  2. good deal :) I was tempted by the blue ones (what an amazing blue right?) but the boys at work talked me out of it.

    snaps to the shorts :)