Monday, August 3, 2009

Sayonara Bestie.

Last Thursday my high school lover had her goodbye party. She's heading back to Oxford to continue with her studies. I'm so sad. She was my tram buddy, my party buddy, my "lets-dance-really-badly" buddy, my "I'm going to bum off you for a month in Bordeaux, France" buddy... She's seriously the best. A mutual friend and I were discussing how she's possibly the coolest chick we know. Props to that.

We had drinks at Lily Blacks and had a really good time. The place didn't close til 3 and we stayed til then. They have an amazing apple cocktail and the glass is rimmed with cinnamon sugar. It's to die for... They also have Little Creatures on tap, first time I'd tried it and I loved it!

Some photos... I wore black velvet/velour leggings that I had made... pity I didn't take a photo of the whole outfit. Will soon though :)

They decorate most cocktails with an amazing flower


My Agent 99 swing tee, it's amazingly soft and really long...
long enough to wear with leggings YAY
Proof that I am really anti-social... Chronicles of Narnia... while drinking... bad

x delilah

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