Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the Mail...

Came two parcels today :)
My grey Cheap Monday jeans I won off ebay for a measly 30.
They must have been altered as they're much shorter than all my other pairs. I can't fold them up, not a biggy for a shortie like me but if someone taller than me won them they would not have been happy lassies... I'm pretty sure the seller didn't mention they'd be altered.

The second parcel was from Asos....

yup... slightly too small...
not sure whether to sell them or stretch them into shape lol

Got these in a UK size 4. Perfect fit for my small 6.5 AU sized feet :)

Last item isn't a recent purchase. They're a pair of amazing shoes I picked up just outside of Shanghai in Ningbo. For a bargain $20 I didn't even have to bargain for them that day. They're a size 36... I can fit into 36's normally but these are a little squeeze. I've been wearing bed socks all day trying to stretch them out. (It's working!!)

x delilah

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  1. your jeans look shiny. what size are they? i might buy off you. my cm's have a hole in them :(