Monday, September 7, 2009

I think I'm a photowhore...

Er... I was looking through the photos that my lovely friend Cassandra took with her Canon EOS and there are so many of me. How sad.

Outfit from 02nd September; MSFW Show 2.

* Asos ruffle back navy dress
* Alpha60 pleat scarf
* Red reversible cape
* Black faux-gator boxy vintage bag
* Alannah Hill cream socks
* Asos patent fringe brogues

(was going to wear my Indiana by Freda t-bars but they broke on the walk to the station *tearr!!!* )

x delilah


  1. omg ... they broke? have you worn them more than once?

  2. i love your cape! is it vintage?

  3. hi amie :)
    it's not vintage at all.
    i showed some tailors the design and choice the fabric when i was in shanghai earlier this year :)
    pure wool, reversible... only 80-90 AUD. yay

  4. your shoes are so cute!

  5. I have that ASOS dress and wear it to death. People always comment on the bustle... so cute!