Sunday, February 7, 2010

the dress I keep raving on about.

I love love love the Queen Victoria night market. Mainly for the atmosphere but also because of the booze. I went recently and found a vintage reseller who bought stock around the world and sold it at the markets. A bit pricey in my opinion but I guess it's vintage and not op-shop.

I managed to find this bewwwwty at the sale, it was a bit long and the sleeves were uneven (and still are) but I've fixed it up a bit:

And a pic of me wearing it at the Moonlight Cinemas:

- said dress
- uniqlo wool cardi
- sportsgirl black and gold headband
- black patent brogues

Some links:
- night market
- moonlight cinema
& don't forget to head across the road to that bar/club when you're at the night market, amazing sangria - a little too amazing methinks.

x. delilah

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