Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Repeated oufits, are you guilty of this?

I woke up this afternoon and got dressed as usual. It wasn't until I left the house and was out and about that I realised that my outfit was a complete repeat from a week ago... Has anyone else experienced this?

It might be because I'm housesitting and only have a handful of my clothes with me but I'm pretty sure I keep repeating favourite outfits for no reason. I remember when I was dating my ex I hadn't worn the same outfit twice for at least a month. How on earth did I manage that?

Like this dress for example... I keep wearing it again and again. (Okay only 3-4 times since I've bought it but since it was a month ago... that's a lot right?)

And this skirt... It's so beautiful but I wore it to my Sportsgirl interview and wore it again at another meeting...

Boo, someone tell me why I hate doubling up. It makes me uneasy knowing I've worn this outfit twice...


  1. I always wear outfits twice....even more sometimes.
    If something looks good, makes you feel good or gets lots of compliments- why not?
    Clothes are meant to be worn, and you can always mix and match the outfit with a different bag, hat, headband etc.

  2. Love your dress, so adorable :) I tend to repeat outfits too but out of pure laziness.

  3. Omg that dress is adorable!
    I def. repeat outfits, sometimes I just don't feel inspired unfortunatley

  4. cutest dress! i'm definitely guilty of repeat outfits, laziness just gets me sometimes