Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chinese Charms...

Well being Chinese-born doesn't necessarily make me immune to some of things the Chinese do. I've been pretty good so far at letting things slide (okay that's a lie T has been putting up with my constant bitching and moaning about the state of this country) but in all honesty there are some things that SHOULD be social no-nos.

Let me explain:

1. Open bottom baby onesies
Well in China (only country so far where I've observed this, well and HK and Macau but we won't get into the politics of that...) it is quite the popular to don your baby girl or boy in a onesie that has a giant slit at the bum... It's as if the baby sat down and immediately split their pants. Why oh why do they have this ingenius slit? So the baby and pee and poop easily of course. That's right my readers... they don't wear nappies.
While I am mature... I did mention my mental age of being only 15. For this reason it still makes me uneasy seeing nudity... maybe it's because I know why only that region is nude but it really grosses me out. After finding out I, delilah, donned this (definitely the hard way... bitching to my parents with a boy present at dinner, sadly my parents thought it would be appropriate to tell the boy and me that I wore that kind of thing) I quickily accepted this as the norm. That is until TODAY.... was at Walmart, a giantmarket and someone had placed their open bottomed baby on the baby-seat bit of the shopping trolley. My groceries/bags/whatever/food sit in that compartment... and now fresh baby bottom. :-S (Shuddered on the spot)
(In some people's defence they put their kids in nappies with the slit... I find that completely acceptable ha.)

2. Blowing your nose... on the ground
Don't get me wrong tissues or toilet paper ARE abundant. Head to your any local supermarket there will definitely be an aisle with this kind of product... toilet paper, tissues, toilet tissue etc, you get my drift. Nevertheless you could just as easily achieve the same thing by holding one nostril closed and BLOW! Who cares who you splatter your snot on or how far the projectile sprays... REPEAT WITH OTHER NOSTRIL UNTIL ALL IS EXPELLED FROM NOSE.

3. Fingernails
I used to wonder why there was always at least ONE long nail on every man and woman in China. Usually the pinkie... though more recently I've found that the thumb is the finger of chose. Not sure what to do with the long nail. Stick it up your nose. Yeah like a 2 year old. This goes in with the catergory of: "don't they know that tissues are easy to come by". Argh. Pick your nose somewhere other than public please. And then when they flick their goodies... argh. Don't flick... gross.. mmm


Pictures will be inserted later when I gain the courage to photograph these things


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