Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hazy skies

The more I look at Shanghai the uglier it gets.
Must there be so much rubble and construction... why of course, it just wouldn't be Shanghai now would it. Hopefully it will improve dramatically by 2010 like Beijing shaped up for the Olympics. (Killa Bird's Nest and Watercube... honestly. Go Aussies for being part of the design team for it)

Sorry the blog is looking very self-orientated atm. I'm in China, Vogue is blocked, Youtube is blocked, internet is rather slow and I'm really missing my Macs (iMac + Macbook). Can't even search or add or whatever much here as everything is in Chinese and well I'm not the patriotic person that I should be. For this reason I'm feeling very lazyyy... I promise things will look up soon :-)

[ courtesy of C. love u]

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